New Juicy, Refreshment, naturally

Orange &

50% juice. 50% water*. 

Juiced from hand-picked oranges and sun-ripened pineapples, harvested when they’re good and ready.

& Pear

50% juice. 50% water*. 

Simply pressed from tangy apples and juicy ripe pears grown in the best climates for delicious tasting fruit.

& Raspberry

50% juice. 50% water*. 

Pressed from sweet, ripe strawberries and juicy raspberries, hand-picked from seasonal crops.

50% Juice, 50% Water

A blend of delicious fruit and refreshment

Pressed from sweet, ripe, juicy fruit, hand-picked from seasonal crops. A naturally tasty choice for kids to enjoy when they’re on the go doing things they love.

  • School compliant
  • No added sugars or sweeteners
  • No artificial colours or flavouring
  • Preservative free