Fruit Shoot No Added Sugar

Made with real fruit

Apple & Blackcurrant

You’ll love the fun double act of tangy apple and bold, bouncy blackcurrants. Twice as tasty when you’re twice as thirsty, you’ll soon be refreshed and raring to go again with Apple & Blackcurrant no added sugar. Low calorie Apple and Blackcurrant Soft drink with Sweeteners and Vitamins.


Our hand picked oranges are grown in warm, sunny climates. Ripened and harvested when they're lovely and juicy, before being pressed and squeezed. That's why every bottle of Fruit Shoot is so delicious fruity. Low calorie Orange Soft drink with Sweeteners.

Summer fruits

Strawberries, raspberries and apples are all best friends in this bottle. So when you’ve been racing round the playground with your friends, stop and share Summer Fruits No added sugar. Low calorie Summer fruits Soft drink with Sweeteners.


Sweet and tangy, you find each sip of Apple No Added Sugar inspires you with a flood of great flavour. Low calorie Apple Soft drink with Sweeteners.

Made with real fruit

There’s real fruit in every drop of Fruit Shoot and each and every one contains multi-vitamins. Better still, we don’t use any sugar, artificial colours or flavourings.