Fruit Shoot caps are changing in 2024.

We know that for some people, changes to a trusted product can be difficult.

That’s why, to support families with children who may to struggle with the change, we’re creating resources to help them understand and adapt to the new Fruit Shoot cap. 

Whilst the great taste (smell and look) of Fruit Shoot is staying exactly the same; from Feb 2024, the current removeable caps on the bottles will be replaced with a sports cap. This is made from one piece of plastic rather than three separate pieces made from different types of plastic – making it much easier to recycle.

As well as environmental benefits, the new tethered cap is more resilient, easier for smaller hands to drink from, and optimises cleanliness in the spout between uses. 


Partnering with our friends at the National Autistic Society, we've crafted resources to help navigate these changes with your family. Keep scrolling to find our explainer video, FAQs, and story booklet featuring Amelia's adventure and her take on the new cap!


New Cap FAQs

Just the cap! We're switching to a new sports-style cap that stays attached, making it easier to recycle. But don't worry, the drink inside remains the same in taste, smell, feel, and appearance

Besides being kinder to the planet, the new cap is sturdier, safer for smaller hands, and keeps things clean. There are also new rules in the EU about reducing plastic waste, and we want to do our part. Plus, it means less plastic overall, which is awesome!

Even though it's not a must in the UK, Fruit Shoot is sold internationally, and we want to follow the EU rules. But it's not just about rules - it's about working towards a healthier planet, for everyone.

Right now, we don't have plans to change other products in the UK, but we're always looking for ways to be more sustainable. We're exploring cool ideas like a Deposit Return Scheme and other ways to reduce waste.

While we're not changing any of our other UK products right now, we're continuously working on more eco-friendly solutions. Think beyond the bottle - we're exploring dispensing options and other cool ways to make a positive impact.

Starting in February 2024, you'll see the new tethered caps appearing in stores. We're aiming to have them on all Fruit Shoot products by the end of the year.

We'll be introducing the new caps gradually so you’re likely to see both in market at the same time, and can gradually make this transition from the old caps to the new caps in your household.

We know change can be tough, especially for those who are neurodivergent. We're working closely with the National Autistic Society to create resources that aim to make the transition easier.