Tough Mudder is no longer just for grown ups. Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is a 1- mile obstacle course, featured at all Tough Mudder and Mudderella events, for children 42 inches and over. Before your next event, grab your Mini Mudders a ticket so they can get in on the fun-filled action.

The course details

Designed for kids, the course will feature up to 10 exhilarating new obstacles, including:

  • Tunnel of Terror 2.0: Who knows what’s inside as you slide up and through the darkened tunnels…Grab friends and climb under, over, and through to the other side with your team!
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: An international boy or girl of mystery? Sharpen your spy skills and get a super stretch to try and slip through the cracks of the ‘laser’ maze.
  • Mount Mud 2.0: Watched your parents on the big course and want to get in the Mud? Climb, slosh, slip, and squirm your way over the grand finale Mount Mud, featuring an exciting Fruit Shoot slide into the mud to claim your headband after finishing the course.
  • Monkey Swing: Imagination takes hold in this kid-designed jungle themed obstacle. Swing from bar to bar, as if you were in the cano-pies of the Amazon!