This year’s course is muddier than ever with 4 brand new obstacles for kids to explore. Tough Mudder’s expert designers have taken inspiration from our explorers of tomorrow to create the most adventurous obstacles to ever exist.

the course photos

Are you strong enough to sprint up Mini Everest? Don’t get tangled under Tumble Weed! It’s all about teamwork when you reach Got Your Back. And if you thought you weren’t muddy enough, plunge into Mud Mile’s deep pit of thick sludge. Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder’s masterminds have also reinvented some of your favourite obstacles. Who knows what you will find inside the Tunnel of Terror 2.0? And back with even more mud this year, will you brave the giant Mount Mud 2.0?

Make sure you grab your Mini Mudders a ticket, so they can take on the obstacle course that brings their imaginations to life.

adventures await