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The App

What is the app, and what does it do?

Fruit Shoot have created an interactive experience, using augmented reality to bring to life a variety of games for kids to play and explore new things! Stage star, sports champ, artist, gamer, or all of them, whatever your kid’s thing, we’ve got i covered.

How do I download the app?

Go to Android or iOS and search Fruit Shoot - It’s My Thing app, and let the fun begin.

iOS app:

Android link:

How do I get playing?

It’s an augmented reality app, so you’ll need to download the app and get yourself our game Playmat to make the interactive elements of the app come to life. You can find out more here

What phones/app store is it available on?

iOS and Android. Older devices will still work, but it may well run slightly slower.

How big is the app?

Storage size

iOS 136.5MB

Android 45.3MB

Will it work on my ipad/tablet as well as my phone?

Yes it will work on both. We recommend using it landscape for best game play.

The app is making my phone hot, is this normal?

Yes, all games of this type make phones a little warm. It’s because the device is working so fast and hard to give the best performance.

How many games are there?

There are 4 different games to play at one time, but if you come back next month we may have made changes!

Why have the games changed?

We want to make sure we keep bringing new things to the app, so have updated it!

How do I play old games?

You can’t play the old game unfortunately - when they’re gone they’re gone!

What if I’m foreign/live abroad?

You might have trouble accessing the app as it’s only available through the UK app store.

Do I need to be connected to wifi, or does this work in 3G/4G?

Wifi will mean your connection is stronger, so the download will be quicker; but this app can also be downloaded with 3G/4G.

Once the download is complete, you don’t need an internet connection to play.

The app seems to be using lots of battery, is it normal?

Yes, this is standard for games of this type to use battery. We recommend putting your phone on Power Saving Mode to limit battery use.

Is it suitable for my child?

Yes, these games are designed for ages between 6-11 to play, but the whole family can also get involved!

Can I save any game scores?

The app will remember your highest scores so you can continue to play to beat your best score!

Does it have sound?

The games do have sound, but you can turn this off on your phone if you want.

Does it access my camera?

Yes, we’ll ask permission before the games begin.

Where can I find the terms?

Here are the terms of use

Does the environment affect performance?

Lighting conditions might affect the performance of the app.

The Playmat

What is the Playmat?

The Playmat is needed to play the games in the app. It works as the trigger for the games.

Why do I need the Playmat?

You need this for the games to be able to work and bring the Playmat to life. The Augmented Reality technology is different to other game plays.

Can it work without the Playmat?

No! The game is all about bringing the Playmat to life.

Where can I get a Playmat?

You can get the mat here if you’ve not got it from one of the participating restaurants.

What if I want to print my own Playmat?

You can do, then you can play all the time.

What if I only have a black and white printer?

You can still print the Playmat in black and white and play without the experience being affected.

What size should the Playmat be?

The Playmat is A4 (21x29.7cm).

Will it work bigger or smaller?


Does the paper quality affect the Playmat?

Yes, if paper is too shiny it might affect the experience.

If it’s damaged with pens, water etc it may not work at all.

What if I damage the Playmat, will it still work?

You can try but it might not work. In this case, ask for a new one!

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The Games

What’s the aim of the game? How do I play each game? Sport
Collect the Fruit Shoot™ bottles to score high points
Tap the sides to move left and right, you can tap anywhere on screen!
Avoid crashing by moving away from dangers

Move the ball with the arrows on the screen (it’s not a tilt screen)
Collect the Fruit Shoot™ bottles in the maze
Watch out for fruity celebrations at the end (only once you’ve collected all the bottles)

Get arty with the Fruit Shoot™ bottle
Pick your brushes, colours and stickers and put them on the bottle
There is also an eraser to start again
Spin the mat to decorate the back of the bottle
Remember to screen shot and send to a friend!

Create music with the Fruit Shoot™ band
Tap each fruit to make them play
Turn up the volume to hear your beats and play around with the characters to get a different sound